Happy Birthday Sweetheart …

A week ago I had a medical procedure on my knees. I was pensive heading into surgery, unsure of the outcome, fearful of the effects of anaesthetic, battling to stay positive. Normally I turn to my faith in times of despair, but at that time I relied heavily on you to get me through.

True to your nature, you never let me down. You were there to wipe tears, reassured that it would be okay and you’d be waiting when it was all done. You walked beside me as they wheeled me into theatre, kissed me tenderly and whispered you loved me so so much.

I don’t recall much of what happened next, falling into an induced slumber. Coming to, I was wheeled to my room and caught a glimpse of your smiling face, asking how I was feeling. You sat with me through my mumblings of how very tired and nauseous I felt. You held my hand, spoke of things weighing on your mind, as I drifted in and out of sleep.

Later when I was discharged, you helped to dress me, carried the bag, walking beside the wheelchair, ran to find the car, ushered me in, escorting me safely home and into bed. Rushing to the chemist to fill out the prescription, ensuring I had something to eat before the meds, making certain I was comfortable.

Its times like these that I am eternally grateful to have someone like you share this journey called life. Because it’s not all about the joys that come our way, but the challenging times and the uncertainty of the unknown; that one clings to love and family to carry you through.

And you, my dearest make this world a better place to live in. Cementing the belief that there are still kind-hearted souls whose greatest desire is to see others happy. Epitomising what a role-model should be to our daughters, to mirror you and search these qualities in others. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband and partner to share forever with.

On this precious day we celebrate you and everything you are, the sacrifices you make, the time and effort you unselfishly bestow, your unconditional love, the sweetness of your soul and the vast difference you make in our lives.

Have a blessed birthday Sweetheart. We love you always and forever ❤


Happy Birthday Handsome ❤


A birthday wish to my Sweetheart…

When your birthday rolls around, I am reminded how absolutely blessed I am to share another year with you. 365 days of looking forward to waking up in your arms, to be on the receiving end of that gorgeous smile, to crystalize our hopes and dreams for the future, to seal it with a warm hug and share a delicious smooch (and I melt) 🙂

20 years on and I am still so in awe of you. I’ve never seen you grumpy, moody or bitter, as a matter of fact it’s hard to tell whether you have bad days for you’re always Neil – the easy-going, happy, smiling, kind-hearted, friendly, great-listener, dazzling guy I fell for all those years ago 🙂

Your greatest quality has to be your role as a one in a million Dad. From the moment we received news I was pregnant with Zhané, you stepped up to the plate and grabbed hold of the reins our life was headed. Even though I may not have been ready for motherhood, you assured me all would be fine and we’d raise our child together. And true to your word, we did – without the support of extended family in Cape Town, you helped raise our beautiful daughter, never complaining for midnight feeds, changing nappies or rocking her to sleep. Even with Lakeisha’s arrival, you doted on her with the same unconditional love, care and kindness. Every day I get to witness a super-dad in action – your never-ending patience to shuttle the girls around without a moan, your joyful attendance of school meetings, a genuine concern for their school commitments and an unwavering support of the aspirations they pursue. Our children have blossomed into fine young ladies because of your goodness and serene presence in their lives.

The beauty of our relationship is that I married my best friend. The one who instinctively knows when I’ve had a bad day just by the drop in my voice or a glimpse of my face. You always know exactly what to say to allay my fears, to soothe my soul and guide me along the path of reason. You go out of your way to please me, whether it’s shouldering household chores, cooking up a storm, accompanying me to gym or running beside me. You are my biggest motivator, supporter and caretaker in every venture I dive into and I wouldn’t have succeeded without your positivity and endless love. I live in a safe and steady world because you exude peace, harmony and happiness.

Your birthday is the most precious day of them all. It’s the perfect time to thank you for everything you do, to say it doesn’t go unnoticed and I treasure the sweet soul you are. Today and every moment of this magnificent life we share together, I endeavour to shower you with love, never take you for granted, go to the ends of the earth to please you, ensure you reach your dreams and treat you like the King of our Kingdom 🙂

I adore you Sweetheart, always and forever ❤


One year of blogging…

Can you believe that I am celebrating a year of blogging already! It seems as if it was only yesterday when I thought it would be a fabulous venture, but not really believing I had the drive to pursue it.

The opportunity came knocking at my door sooner than I thought when I found out I needed to undergo a double bunionectomy. I trawled the internet for information from others who underwent similar experiences and felt there was a need to note mine. Knowing zilch about blogging, I sought guidance from one of my writer/blogger friends, Alison who kindly gave me a 101 lesson. Before I knew it, I was exploring a whole new world and it was fascinating creating a blog from scratch.

As much as I was fearful of the upcoming operation, I was excited to blog about my first-hand encounter. Neil not only doted on me in hospital, he played the role of photographer, capturing my stint there. When I came to after the op, being heavily medicated and incredibly tired – all I wanted to do was commence the writing process. Sitting propped up in a hospital bed; I began to write my first bunion blog on my cell phone!

Bunion Surgery done and dusted...

In November alone I uploaded 12 posts – the highest number to date in a month and blogging felt as natural to me as breathing. It gave me the outlet I was searching for all my life – a platform to express my thoughts, struggles from the past and to convey my gratitude for all the blessings I’ve been bestowed with.

My bunion diaries are the most popular with readers and through the sharing of my experience, I have encouraged people to take the leap of faith and trust that the outcome will bring them satisfaction. I love my new feet – I appreciate the huge sacrifice I made for them, treat them like gold and don’t regret undergoing the op. That particular period was life-changing as I discovered so much about myself.

I am incredibly proud of my blog and everything it encompasses. It has helped me to become a better writer; given me the confidence to add my voice to the world and every post I unleash brings me immense satisfaction. The fact that I have been able to sustain it for a year proves to me that I will continue to do so into the future, always with glee and a happy heart. With the support of my followers, I hope to bring you many more wonderful posts that will inspire you and hopefully encourage you to stay with me wherever the sweet life may lead 🙂


Forty and Fabulous Party…

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do for my fortieth birthday and two things came to mind – music and dancing. Neil and I loved clubbing in our hey-day and music remains a constant in our lives.


An idea was brewing in my mind to throw a club party with a DJ on the decks, in the confines of my home surrounded by family and friends. The more I pondered over it, the more it felt right in my soul and that’s when the planning process took off.


My party planner, Candice Sonnenberg was instrumental in bringing my idea to life. We spent countless hours going through the finer details on how I wanted the party to unfold. Nothing phased her and I knew my party was in great hands.


As the big day drew closer, my home was a hive of activity. I was lucky to have my Mom and Sister arrive in Cape Town to assist me with the party. I know I certainly would not have been able to cope without their help.


On the big day, all I pretty much did was get my hair and make-up done. Yet this ate much of my time and when I got home, my ordinary garage was transformed into a plush club. I was bubbling with excitement, everything was falling into place and I could not wait for the evening to begin.


I changed and got ready for my party. Very soon, guests started trickling in. Colleagues from work, running buddies and long standing friends took time out to spend the evening with me.


Announcements started promptly at 8pm. The MC was my work colleague, Evadne who had us in stitches. Neil was called upon to say a few words and everybody sang Happy Birthday. I was handed the mike and I spoke for some time. There was so much I wanted to say, so many people in my life who helped me along my journey, who meant so much to me and assisted to make the evening possible. My wish was for guests to eat, drink, be merry and let their hair down.


After a successful speech, the party went into full force. The DJ played some awesome beats and we got down and danced the night away.


My party was everything and more I could have hoped for. I thank God for gracing me with another year, for the opportunity to spend it with the ones I hold dear to my heart, for helping me to embrace my forties and to look forward to the next chapter in my life 🙂