Dear Dream Reader…

My assignment was to write a post to my dream reader. It got me thinking who my readers are and what they would like to read.

As my blog doesn’t focus on one principal, rather on many, my readers would be varied. My followers consist of runners, family members, friends and fellow writers. I like to think they signed up to my blog to support me, to receive reading pleasure and feel inspired in some way.

Five years ago I didn’t know whether I would stay sober. Every day was a nightmare realising I could never have a drink for the rest of my life. I was petrified of the future, scared I would fall off the bandwagon, that the dreams I craved for were out of my grasp. I had to force myself out of my comfort zone, join an AA group, admit I had a problem and seek the help I desperately needed. It wasn’t an easy journey, yet I learnt so much about myself, received unconditional love and support from virtual strangers and found a power greater than myself who wanted me to succeed. I reaped valuable lessons from these meetings – one day at a time I can stay sober, nothing can trouble me if I live in the here and now and I will always be protected if I stay close to my Higher Power. One day at a time led to five sober years and I’m forever grateful for a second chance to make things right.

Five year sobriety celebration:)

Five year sobriety celebration:)

I latched on to running as a distraction to fill my time. It was a tall order to envision, considering I didn’t have a sporty bone in my body and loathed eating healthy. Attempting to run for a minute felt like someone was strangling the living daylights out of me. But I refused to let this deter me – I practised over a period of time until I was able to run twenty minutes non-stop on the treadmill. I joined a running club when I became bored of the gym and was keen to see where the sport would lead me. Running in a club environment gives one the boost to improve yourself, to enter races and become part of a group who supports you all the way. Running has afforded me priceless treasures – your body has the ability to exceed the limits your mind can’t conceive, no matter how troubled you are, when you run your soul feels lighter, the outdoors blesses you with breath-taking sunrises/sunsets and endorphins embrace you when you’re done. Yip, running brings me endless joy and gives me a sense of pride of how far I’ve come.

My running story published in Modern Athlete:)

My running story published in Modern Athlete:)

I’ve always known I wanted to write. I started journaling from a young age and devoured books. I tend to live in my head a lot, an introvert who likes nothing better than being holed up writing to my heart’s content. However, I started quite late in life realising this vocation is what I want to pursue for the rest of my days. I completed a short storey course a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I joined a Writer’s Circle where I’ve been inspired to push the envelope and experiment with different forms of writing. Most importantly, I created this blog from scratch, made it into what it is today and every post I write is a labour of love. Blogging is my baby and I treasure it with all my heart and soul.

Yip, that's me:)

Yip, that’s me:)

In a nutshell, what I really want my reader to know is that there isn’t any dream they cannot fulfil. It truly doesn’t matter that your life isn’t where you wish it to be. If you have a stirring within your soul to live your life’s purpose, to alter your path, to make yourself happy – do it – it doesn’t matter how long it takes, how old you are or how many people will say you’ll never make it – go out there and ignite your dream, be the best YOU.


Hello to the Neighbors

My next assignment was to extend the hand of friendship to my fellow bloggers and get to know them better. Through the tag of Blogging 101, I stumbled upon five fascinating blogs which I wasted no time in following. In no particular order, they are:

  • Being woke (daily alarms from a person racialised as brown) – a blogger whose writing is thought provoking and riveting at the same time.
  • UniquelyMeandYouBlog – an inspirational blogger full of soul! She enticed me to dig deeper into meditation and gratitude.
  • Goprostarter – a runner blogger who promises to post pictures and videos of his adventures with a gopro camera. I look forward to viewing them John 🙂
  • Love.laugh.sparkle – a blogger who feels she’s lost her sparkle and hopes to regain it. Her writing is magical.
  • The Bliss Magnet (one girl’s journey towards discovering what makes her sublimely happy). I am inherently drawn to people who strive to overcome challenges in their lives, seeking positivity and contentment. Lew’s writing is heart-warming and honest, simply a breath of fresh air!

Then I had to select five tags that hold my interest and would provide me with nuggets of reading pleasure. They are:

  • Blogging101 has assisted me to stay connected to course mates who inspire me with their ideas and motivation to keep on blogging.
  • Running – I can never get enough of my treasured sport even if I overdosed on it 🙂
  • Writing – There are mountains of information available over the internet. I don’t believe writers ever stop learning and growing as this creative sphere is constantly evolving and that’s the reason why I’m so passionate about it 🙂
  • Time management – No matter how organised I think I am, there is always room for improvement. The old adage, too much to do, too little time applies here.
  • Romance – my escapism. In a world of stress, strife, endless responsibility and mediocrity, I can lose myself to love, emotion and the heart-beat of the human spirit.

Title and Tagline – Blogging 101

My second assignment in the Blogging 101 challenge was to edit my title and tagline as they are the cornerstones to a successful blog, they need to be catchy and intrigue the reader.

I pondered over my title – even considered changing it, but eventually decided to leave it as is. I came to the conclusion that Sweet Life of Sumi Singh embraces me perfectly.

The tagline on the other hand definitely needed a refresher. I played around with words – finally settling on Sugar, Spice and Serenity.

My reasoning…

Firstly, who doesn’t love alliteration? Secondly, sugar describes my personality impeccably – sweet, kind-hearted and a stickler for fairness. These qualities shine through in my blog posts. Thirdly, spice reflects my Indian gene (hot and feisty) streaming into my affinity for writing romance stories. Fourth but not least, I’m always seeking serenity – sobriety instilled within me a deep-seated desire to attain inner peace in a chaotic world.

The question is… do you like it?

Who I am and why I’m here – Blogging 101

I hopped on to the Blogging 101 challenge to improve my blogging skills, interact with fellow bloggers and hopefully gain more followers.

I am a mom to two beautiful teenage daughters who light up my existence. I’ve been happily married to my sweetheart for nineteen years, which in all honesty have been the happiest moments spent with the kindest man I know. I adore my family immensely, they centre me, support me in every initiative I undertake and without their unwavering support I wouldn’t have made it this far.

I am a personal assistant by day, an avid runner during my free time, been sober for five years through my commitment to AA meetings and last but not least – moonlight as a writer. Balancing all my activities takes plenty of planning, dedication and sheer determination.

Why blogging you ask? Well I’ve always been fascinated by the world of blogging. I started my fling with the written word through journaling many years ago and it’s where my passion ignited. I plunged into blogging last year when I underwent a double bunionectomy on my feet, sacrificing six months of no running, capturing my experience and thoughts. It may not have been the most pleasant time; however I thoroughly enjoyed sharing my thinking with the globe, bringing about deep satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

I have lived a colourful thirty-nine years of my life, had to overcome many obstacles along the way, many a time feeling like I was drowning, not believing I’d make it, yet through the grace of God I’ve surfaced – stronger and wiser. Through the perpetuation of this blog, I aim to achieve my ultimate goal – to become a full time writer.

Readers of my blog will be entertained with snippets of my life, running escapades, writing goals, book reviews, sobriety posts all infused in my sweet inspirational writing.

I hope I have swayed you to stay for the ride 🙂